And then there were socks

Well, there will be soon.  The purple and teal socks are back.   I am working on the gusset on the first sock. My hands are holding up.   Dare I hope to finish this sock tonight?  I would like to set a goal to finish this pair of socks.  The last time I did that it did not work out well.  It is possible to start the second sock tomorrow and have the pair finished by the 26th.  I would love to give these completed socks to myself for my birthday. 

I do not want to jinks this by setting a goal.  I am knitting as fast as I can.   The socks will be done when they are done. If the Universe smiles on me that will be in time for my birthday. 

 I am enjoying the process.   The socks will be beautiful with my purple Birkenstocks.  

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