How do you know you have become acclimated to Texas weather?

You know that you have become acclimated to living in Texas when a cold front moves through and drops the high temps to upper 90’s and you actually believe that it has “cooled off“.

Looks like it will be a long, hot summer.  Long string of 100 plus degree days.   Little if any rain.  The tomatoes and peppers and most of the flowers I planted in the spring have pretty much burned up even though I have watered them every day (sometimes twice a day).  I am enjoying the few tomatoes I am getting.  I have to be quick to get them before the birds do.

Not much knitting getting done.  The house is air conditioned but when it is this hot if I turn the thermostat below 85 degrees the air conditioner runs constantly.  We have the highest electric rates in the country so I use a fan to cool things off a bit and keep the thermostat set high.  Too hot to knit but I am catching up on my reading. 

I did finish the socks and have started another pair.   The purple and teal socks show up blue and white in all the photos I have taken so far.  If I get a better picture I will post.  I decided that I do not like the February Lady sweater so have put it aside.  It is the yarn that I do not like.   I will give it away and find something else the knit the sweater.   I do like the patten.

Poor D’Argo just sits and looks out the french door and sighs.   I guess he thinks he is never going for another long walk.  I do take him for a short walk early in the morning when the temp is ”only” about 80 degrees, but it does have to be short because that is when the mosquitoes are out in full force.

There is an upside to this:  when the weather is this hot and dry my joints do not hurt.  No pain, no stiffness.   That is why I left the beautiful Pacific Northwest, which I miss every day, to move to a dryer, warmer climate.

Complaining aside I do love living in Texas!     

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